Firefox break points made easy

It is now easy to keep the break points in the js files.
No need to remember the line numbers and search for the js file in the list of downloaded files and then put the break point at that position.

a simple debugger;
statement will do fine.

The firebug console stops at the statement and waits for the user input same as in case of a break point.
All the variables at that scope will be displayed in the firebug console.

Example Usage :
function getBasicProfileData(callbackFunc, accountId)
var url = getBasicProfileUrlForUser(accountId);
ajaxRequest(url, "GET", true, function(responseText) {
var data = responseText.parseJSON();
}, null);


Functionality verified in Firefox 3.0.2 with Firebug 1.2b015 version addon installed.

Screenshot attached :


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