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XHR request callback is not called in FF3

I encountered a problem while making an application to run on FF3. The application uses ajax extensively and has callbacks for synchronous and asynchronous calls as well.Every thing works fine in IE variants and FF2. Coming to FF3, the callback is never invoked for synchronous calls and the user has to make the call explictly. The problem and the solution is clearly explained at

Using Fiddler for javascript debugging

If there is a problem in javascript UI while navigating through a site, the debugging will be difficult as the js files cant be modified on the server that is live. The best solution to this problem is using fiddler tool's auto responder feature. Using auto responder feature you can actually server files on the local machine for the requested URLs. Change the js files on your system, modify them for testing. This process will not effect other users accessing the site at the same time. It is clearly explained at.
I came across one annoying error while coding in javascript for IE. After debugging for several hours, commenting, uncommenting the parts of code I identified that accessing body element in the javascript before entire body element is formed, will throw the alert of 'Permission Denied' which is unrelated to what ever the actual problem is. This happens only with IE. So the solution for this IE only problem is add defer attribute to the script tags manipulating body element. Like < script type="text/javascript" defer> ...access body element... </script>