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CORS issues with IE9 and workarounds

CORS(Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing) is one of the features in HTML5 feature stack that enables a page to make AJAX requests to other domains. This feature is introduced to circumvent the Same-Origin-Policy . I am not discussing about CORS in detail here as there are lots of online resources available. I am working on a product where html files are served from one domain and back-end requests should be made to another domain (of course sub-domain) for security reasons and API clarity. Luckily we need to support browsers with HTML5 capabilities like Chrome > 14, Safari  > 5.0.5 , Firefox > 9, IE >8. I thought that IE9 is HTML5 complaint and promised to have support for it. I could have investigated a little bit  Application was implemented and we are running for release. Suddenly while going through entire flow we realized that IE9 is not making any CORS requests. From then on our hunt started. Searching blogs, articles, stackoverflow for solutions. I am here to expl