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My FIRE Journey

Welcome to my blog. Just to give some background about myself, I am Amar, working as Member of technical Staff in Paypal.  Moved to US in 2012 and have been staying here for 8 years. I have two boys one is 10 years and another one is 3 years old. "Idle money is like a radio-active material, its value depreciates over-time" I came to know above FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early) in 2013 while searching for investment opportunities. Let's jump into the topic. My goal was to be financially independent by 40. I just want to have the financial independent and perceive my interests instead of wasting my precious time churning out money for my family. The investments are broadly classified as the following categories Indian Real-estate - Stable and reliable and it never disappoints as long as the decision is good Indian stock market - Unreliable  US real estate - Very slow growth (non bay-area) with lots of wait times and a bit unreliable US stock