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Enhancing user experience by improving website performance

From my experience I device some points and tools used in the development of the website. Any website's user experience depends on the speed of data transfer( including images, js and actual page content), amount of the data transferred and number of requests made. Caching the static content : All the static files like js, css and images can be cached by the browser so that the same content will not be requested and thus reducing the data transferred through wire. Server can tell the browser to cache the content by setting the following headers. ( Tested in chrome, IE, and firefox). Expires header (setting near future expires header with one year from current time) Cache control header (Cache-control header (public, max-age= ) Adding these headers will permanently cache the files on the client side. Versioning of the static content is must for controlling of the data flow between client and server. Versioning of the static implies including version number in the url which