Tools I used for effective development

Due to advent in opensource technologies, many tools are now available for free and these tools enables web developers to analyze the development process better and also enables them to arrive at quick solutions.

Following are the tools which i identified were extremely useful.
  • FireBug
    It is the most important and beautiful tool i had ever used in my life time.
    Firbug is an add-on for firefox used by developers to debug javascript and it addresses all the ui related debugging issues. One issue found in fiddler is that if net tab is eanbled then firefox is not sending the 'If Modified since' header back to the sever due to which ETag validations fail during handshakes.
  • Fiddler2 with RPASpy
    Fiddler is the most effective tool for analyzing the traffice over the wire. Auto responder is one of the features of fiddler that makes it more userful. Using auto responder you can send the files on your file sytem for a given request. With this the debugging on the live machines is easier. With RPASpy even https headers can be decoded and the data obtained can be visually seen.


navya said…
Wow. This really made my day. Thanks a lot!

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